Minggu, 24 Agustus 2014

Our first stop is the village of the Stone Carvers to watch the colorful and exciting Barong and Keris Dance that tells the eternal fight between good and evil and is a Hindu epic from the Mahabharata story. After the performance, we visit the famous village of the wood carvers, to watch the workers enfolding the intricate designs from the many variety of woods and a visit to the renowned village of silver and gold smith. continue our trip is Batuan temple, then in Batuan village also we will stop at the home of painter to see the process how to do oil painting.
The next visit is Kintamani, to enjoy the spectacular views of Mount Batur with its black lava running down from the peak into the valley below. Lake Batur lies serene and shimmering against the backdrop of the mountains. Great opportunity to create memorable photographs.
The return journey bring us to see beautiful rice terrace that Bali is famous for.
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